The Museum of Ice Cream - San Francisco

Pretty pretty please with a cherry ON TOP. Remember those days? Museum of Ice Cream located in San Francisco has brought me back to my childhood. When was the last time you hopped on a swing and dangled your feet? Besides the obvious (tasting and purchasing ice cream) they captured youth, freedom and having fun.

With rooms that had swings, unicorns you could actually sit on, cherry clouds, a gummy bear room and last but not least a jacuzzi sized hot tub filled with sprinkles! I literally laid in sprinkles, could it get any better? You’ll be happy to know the sprinkles were not real so the aftermath was not bad at all. Prepare for sprinkle gate. Next door you’ll find a room provided where you’ll be able to remove all those sprinkles (air machine)!

ALERT: They travel each tour group into places you would never imagine. Similar to that of Willy Wonka’s playground.

The freedom of not caring what others thought was priceless. Age ranging from two year olds to fifty five year olds, made this the most welcoming experience I’ve had at a museum.

They included a “get to know your neighbor” environment where you were able to interact with the rest of your tour group and members of the staff. During the tour you were able to gain points for hugging staff members and others visiting the tour. At the end you add all your points together and you are rewarded with a special treat!

Throughout the tour you can’t help but over hear all the “oooohhs” and all the “ahhhhs” coming from both kids and adults. The genuine laughter of everyone partaking in a dessert lovers dream was not one to forget. Everyone was either super happy or on a straight sugar high (one of the many perks on the tour is the delicious samples they serve along the way).

The willingness and involvement of all participating in this tour adds to the creative involvement, making it a place where people just vibe with one another. It’s a rainbow of colors but each room is unique in it’s own way, kinda like MERICA! We all are special and beautiful in our own right and to see people coming together to share fun was simply amazing.


This is a Rated-E for EVERYONE experience. Go get a scoop of happiness with a cherry on top!