It's the 80's baby


It’s the 80’s baby! Not really, but continuing with our blast from the past and the ever growing culture of beauty what’s old is new . 

Neon nails, side ponytails, bright eyeshadow and heavy foundation are some of the things we are currently seeing in 2018. Can you imagine if Instagram would have been around in the 80’s? Would some of the makeup inspiration be far fetched from today’s looks?

The first thing to remember when applying foundation is having a clean canvas. Having great skincare is the proper foundation for a smooth application. This goes out to my full coverage girls. 

Supplies Needed : Headband. Classic 80’s staple. Purpose keeps hair out of your face while going through your skincare/makeup routine .


Sponge: We love Beauty Blenders. This compact buoyant sponge gives the illusion of airbrushed makeup. Simply add water or your favorite setting spray and apply your foundation . For those suffering from acne we are going to suggest you buy yourself a pack of beauty wedges . These too can be used like a beauty blender but tossed away at the end of use. The reason being, we often don’t clean our tools the way we should, which allows bacteria to breed in our brushes. When you suffer from acne they must be cleaned EVERYDAY!

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Instagram - toupou_jungle

Instagram - toupou_jungle

Cleanse- Belli Skincare Anti-Blemish Facial Cleanser. Wake up! Cleanse before makeup. Golden rule here . You need a clean slate before makeup application. Remove any oil, dirt and debris from your skin. This is also a great time to locate any breakouts, skin changes. Don’t be afraid to touch your face (incomes the soap) feel for any changes, dry patches, under-grounders (those evil guys who wait like a villain around the corner waiting to pop up and ruin your day).

*Helpful Hint* Vanilla Ice was on to something with his hit Ice, Ice baby! Feeling inflamed? Grab an ice cube. Apply on freshly cleansed skin and maneuver ice over you face. After 3 to 5 mins pat dry.

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Treat - Using the Acne Control Spot Treatment add a dab to existing pustules (DO NOT apply to broken, open pustules.)

Hydrate - Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator . This lightweight rich moisturizer aids in great makeup application and can be applied in conjunction with your primer. 

Are you ready to slay the day away? Go big or go home! Grab your favorite full coverage foundation and Picasso your way to a great day.

Remember the removal of makeup is just as important as the application. Sleeping with makeup can cause irritation. Before you drift off, remove makeup with our Anti-Blemish Facial Cleanser. Double your fun with this dual product . After cleansing apply two quarter sized amounts of cleanser in the palm of your hand, or a small mixing bowl . Apply cleanser to your entire face with a fan brush, ( max time for masking 10 mins.) Rinse with Luke warm water, pat your face dry and apply serums, creams and mixing potions . This concludes your skincare devotion.