The Culture of Beauty

The culture of beauty has evolved in many ways. The more things change, the more they stay the same. People want to look their best. Skincare has remained the most prevalent in the culture of beauty. 

No one wants to get older, let me rephrase that no one wants to look old. Let’s embark on a journey to Egypt. Egyptian men and women were equally concerned with beauty and skincare in their present life, as well as the after life. Mud mask, clay mask, rose oils ,donkey and goats milk are a few of the items Cleopatra used. The milk’s contained essential anti-oxidants and was great for Cell Renewal . The recipe below can help you get your Cleopatra Glow.


Cleopatra’s Milk Bath 

•1 liter of milk

•4 table spoons of honey

Allow honey to dissolve in warm bath water then add milk.

Knock! Knock! Who’s there? An Ancient North African tip that helps soothes damaged brittle hair. Argan Oil.Yes you heard me right! Fast forward to today and we are still in love and using Argan oil in abundance. Apply at root and work your way down .


Excuse me? What did you Shea? I’m having way to much fun with this. Shea butter! This lavish, luxurious butter can be found in lotions, soaps and of course body butters/whips. Shea butter has also been proven to reduce inflammation. Milk isn’t the only way to get VITAMIN D . While laying out is something to be cautious of a lot of African women do just that. (Fair complexions beware, melanin reduces the chance of skin cancer in darker complexions. )The benefits from sunlight can combat bacteria like eczema, acne . Remember always wear sunscreen when being exposed to sunlight ,even when it’s not that sunny out . Another way to receive benefits from light therapy is to contact your local Esthetician and see if they offer a service where using a blue light that treats acne by shrinking oil glands. FYI, several colors can be used and each have different purposes. Red is great for Anti-aging . Below you’ll find a link to your home-care treatment .

A woman without paint is like food without salt."- Roman philosopher, Plautus.

The women of India stand beautifully at the altar or special events with henna down to their feet. Henna was not only used to mark special occasions , it was also used to dye hair. Welcome to 2018, where henna can satisfy all your eyebrow dreams. No brows, no problem. Skin sensitivities are a real thing. All semi-permanent and permanent dyes aren’t created equal. Henna is plant based which reduces chances of irritation. In fact California has dubbed eyebrow and lash tinting illegal. Henna however can be applied. Henna brows last 4 to 6 weeks. It’s a noninvasive procedure that’s sure to please.


Lavender oils were used by ancient romans for bathing . Bathing in Rome was a communal activity . Bath houses can still be found throughout Europe, who could afford a private bath in their homes were able to experience their alone time like we do today. Lavender is the MUST have essential oil of them all. According to Dr.Axe , Lavender is the most used plant/flower in the world today. The benefits of lavender were actually discovered over 2,500 years ago. Because of its powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial, sedative, calming and antidepressive properties, lavender oil benefits in large numbers and it’s been used both cosmetically and therapeutically for centuries. It’s a no brainer why Belli Skincare added this superstar to their Pure & Pampered Body wash. With added ingredients such as  CHAMOMILE & Cucumber its a bonus. Chamomile helps to soothe aching muscles and promotes relaxation. Cucumber contains antioxidants and promotes hydration. I know you’ve seen spa day advertisements where someone is laying down in a vegetative state with cucumbers placed on their eyes ( now you know why) , the skin tissue under the eyes is very thin and can dehydrate rapidly. Dehydration can also cause darkening under the eyes . Belli offers a wonderful eye brightening cream that contains VITAMIN k, guess what also contains vitamin k? Cucumbers! 


Stay tuned as we travel in time to see the evolution of the culture of beauty!