Charcoal, Social Media's Must Have


Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, everywhere you look charcoal is being used. Skin concerns, makeup and teeth whitening remedies, it’s a trend I’m on board with.


Activated charcoal is an oxidized version of the charcoal used for outdoor grills and barbecues. It is an extremely absorbent substance used in hospitals to treat patients with poisoning. You can also purchase activated charcoal as an ingestible supplement to remove toxins from the body. When applied topically to the teeth, black charcoal lifts stains and eradicates bacteria due to its adhesive properties. But, the potential side effects have yet to be fully determined.

When it comes to teeth whitening, the jury is still out on this one. Charcoal BINDS, removes tartar (yes) but, can also bind to medications and also deprive your body of some nutrients.

Summer, Summer, Summer time! You can get extremely oily, and using a charcoal cleanser removes excess oil and mattifies the skin.

Some acne products contain charcoal due to the belief that it will bind/ remove toxins, oil and dirt therefore creating the charcoal craze (we all want clear skin.)

I experimented with activated charcoal today in a DIY eyeshadow attempt and I wasn’t disappointed.

Grab yourself a bottle of  activated charcoal capsules (Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS).

Tools Needed:

  • 2 glass makeup jars

  • Small eyeliner brush

  • Flat concealer brush

  • Setting spray or water

  • Instructions


Empty contents from the capsule in makeup jar and have a second glass jar handy. You can add water in this jar, or you can use a setting spray. I opted for my Posholgy Coconut and Rose spray.

You can add water to the powder expelled from the capsule or you can simply spray your brush and dip into the substance.

Total time 5 minutes!

Amount of money spent, $6.52 from Walmart. Prices will vary depending on size and where you purchase from.


Charcoal keeps it lit in more ways than one! It’s not just for BBQ(ing), it’s for slaying , allowing you to put your best face forward!