Facial Cupping


In 2016 Michael Phelps introduced me to cupping. Not personally like via television. Seeing him dominate in the water was amazing. However, my eyes focused more on the circular hickeys on his back. Like most I hit the internet and learned he had been using cupping as thereapy for his back. The swimmer used this ancient Chinese treatment to recover and heal affected muscles by drawing blood to the affected area, reducing soreness and expediting the healing time.


Cupping is a type of alternative therapy that originated in China. It involves placing cups on the skin to create suction. The suction may facilitate healing with blood flow.

Proponents also claim the suction helps facilitate the flow of “qi” in the body. Qi is a Chinese word meaning life force. A famous Taoist alchemist and herbalist, Ge Hong, reportedly first practiced cupping. He lived from A.D. 281 to 341.

Fast fwd 3 years , in 2019 we have become more familiar with this treatment. Cupping isn’t limited to just athletes, this technique is being used on “Everyday people” Nurses, construction workers, teacher etc. It was only a matter of time until the beauty industry got her greedy little hands on it. Yes greedy. We’re always looking for a way to slow down the aging process or simply preserve our sexy. Ladies and gents I give you FACIAL CUPPING! I love it. As you know I’m a licensed Esthetician and my job is to know about skincare advancements and this is definitely one of them. 


Facial cupping works to increase blood flow and circulation to leave you with glowing, radiant, decongested skin. Facial cupping uses small, specially designed suction cups to lift and massage facial tissue.  During cupping, fascia  is stretched while restoring fresh-skin tissues." Other benefits of cupping include lymphatic drainage, sinus relief, anxiety, fatigue and migraines .  


You may also experience sweating or nausea. After treatment, the skin around the rim of the cup may become irritated and bruised in a circular pattern. You may also have pain at incision sites or feel lightheaded or dizzy shortly after your session. Infection is always a risk after undergoing cupping therapy.


Like most Esthetician’s I’m my own model or test dummy ( the stories I could tell ya) . In this case it was a success, no one was injured during this process. After cleansing my skin with Image Skincare’s Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser I proceeded to pat my skin dry. I applied Farsali Volcanic Elixir to my face via dropper and began using my cupping apparatus to maneuver around my jawline. Word of advice keep the silicone or glass cupping device moving do not stay in a static postion allowing bruising to occur. By gently squeezing facial cups it applies a suction that feels great, almost like a facial massage . The product glided around my skin and was absorbed evenly and left me feeling refreshed. My skin was supple and glowing. Smaller cups are available for the undereye area.