Beast + Bounty - Sacramento, CA

When you say California you immediately think of Los Angels and San Francisco , however Sacramento is the capital and is currently on the rise.  The Ice Blocks is a three-block mixed use project in Midtown Sacramento. 

Sacramento boasts one of the most high tech sophisticated arenas in the United States. With its construction it has been the catalyst to a new , brighter, and trendier Sacramento.

Today I was able to venture to Beast & Bounty restaurant. The building was Architecturally stimulating and there were eyegasm’s being served at every corner. Attention to detail wasn’t spared.  Upon arrival my eyes grew wide with excitement! I mean I’m from Sacramento and I had yet to experience this area for myself.  The area is POPPING! 

Let’s get to the good stuff, FOOD & DRINKS.

There’s something for carnivores, herbivores and GIMMIE MORE (that’s me).

  • Confit Duck, Brasied Bok Choy, Kumquat Herb salad

  • Bone Marrow ,Classic Herb Salad,Fennel Chutney, Fried Garlic and Capers

  • Variety of salads 

  • Variety of pizzas

  • Alcoholic beverages 

  • Non-Alcoholic beverages

The list could go on and on but I’d advise you to visit! If you’re like me and enjoy a great visual follow them on Instagram @beastandbounty916

If I had to use one adjective to describe Beast+Bounty it would be Esculent - Fit to be eaten; Edible