Gia O´Neal

I was born and raised in California, where inspiration never sleeps. My biggest inspiration was my grandmother. Everything she did was BEAUTIFUL, from her makeup, wardrobe, parties, cooking, you name it. She would often tell me the way you present yourself is what people will go by upon meeting you, and those words never left me.

Growing up I wanted to give everyone a makeover. I always wanted to help people present the best versions of themselves, and this carried on into adulthood where I began my makeup carrier as a freelance MUA. While I loved it I would see people with skincare concerns like acne, dehydrated skin, pigmentation issues and thought to myself, I can cover this, but how can I correct it? Becoming an esthetician was one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made, besides being a mother of two and a wife.

The beauty industry has granted me opportunities such as being the Web Senior Beauty Editor for Trend Prive Magazine. I enjoyed creating content, and discovering new and existing brands. Esthetics has shown me beauty in all forms and to appreciate the beauty around me. Traveling has become another passion of mine. While fun, it has presented continued education for me. Skincare across the globe is a universal concern. Frequenting hotels, spas, and resorts in other countries have created a wanderlust that now allows me to write about it . This blog allows me to share my life as a ENTREPRENEUR, MOTHER, WOMAN, WIFE and a person enjoying all of those things that make me... ME.